Woodland Springs Apartments

Woodland Springs Apartments

89 Donna Dr, Burlington, NJ 08016, USA

+1 609-526-3015


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  • Place looks like it is nice & has potentional . However, the lady who works at the desk is rude . I came their to get information and she had some man just hanging out in there with her while I am patiently sitting there to findout information . It wasn’t a welcoming feeling . Than when she finally decided to show us the place , she rushed . Ended up moving somewhere else because of the unprofessionalism and rudeness from staff .

  • They dont have alot of amenities but it's a very quiet and a working class of people.Very respectful tenants and staff.

  • I’m turning in my 60 day notice TODAY. I’ve been in my apartment for 6 years now and it’s really sad that I have to leave because it’s simply a horrible place to live. Why have I been there for so long then? This was my first apartment on my own, I’m a single mom trying to keep a roof over my kid’s head, I moved there barely out of high school, and to be honest I should have left years ago. Bugs, mice, old buildings that are LITERALLY falling apart. I’m now in a rush to leave because there are huge cracks in the walls, ceiling and floor and they are literally doing NOTHING about it . All I’m getting is a “we’ll get back to you”. Meanwhile, my daughter and I are supposed to sleep there at night. Scared out of my mind the building might collapse or something and they’re literally doing nothing except putting it off. And I know FOR A FACT other buildings have had to have repairs done to the foundation because I’ve seen men out there doing structural repairs. I asked if I can leave sooner than 60 days because I’m afraid it’s not safe, and the rental manager is still telling me it has to be 60 days and I still have to wait until maintenance can get around to MAKING SURE IM NOT LIVING IN A DEATH TRAP smh I’m in woodland springs specifically, I know this company manages many properties. I can’t speak for the rest of them, but my advice is to stay away from this one. Do not be deceived by these pictures they are not this nice, I’m 100% positive what’s posted is just the model.

  • I’ve lived here for about a year now , and im DEFINITELY MOVING OUT . This was my first apartment. Now lets start with just the showing of the new apartment. The lady showed it to us with water bugs all over the place dead. She said it had been due to “ no one living here for months “ which apparently she says to everyone. We still continued to move forward with the move in. A few weeks past and the BUGS started to come from the gas line . OFTEN ESPECIALLY WHEN IT RAINS. They are even outside when you walk around the development. The landlord lady is rude , and the maintenance does the bare minimum when requested. HORRIBLE PLACE TO LIVE alot of nights i would be awaken from my sleep because constant incidents with police and other tenants . The place is literally infested with those bugs

  • Recently moved in March everything was running smoothly except not having power in the bedroom for almost a week. A week or 2 after moving in a larger bug like a cockroach came through the shower drain. Maintenance reasoning was because no one lived in the apartment for months. Few weeks after moving in beetles started coming out the gas lines already had the exterminator come out twice and still having a issue. I can barely walk around my apartment without having to look on the ground making sure i don't step on something mind you I keep a very clean apartment.
    Update: maintenance was able to seal the open areas in the heating where they were coming from haven’t had any problems since.