Woodbridge Center Plaza Apartments

 Woodbridge Center Plaza Apartments

 1605 Plaza Dr, Woodbridge, NJ 07095, USA

 +1 732-634-6907


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  • Hoping not everyone has the same experience, but my building is riddled with roaches. Nice community, but man, I hate bugs. We keep clean but they come from other apartments.

  • my thermostat doesn't work properly it keeps running too long( until its too hot ) or doesn't start until its really cold plus i cant set to a fixed temp because its not digital. its making everyone sick in the house, had requested multiple time one mgmt doesn't care at all.

  • Disgusting. I went there to check on a townhouse rentals, and the guy who sits in the leasing office was disgustingly rude. I said ok let’s ignore this dude and see if the townhouse is worth it. I entered by mistake building to the apartments part. The entrance carpet was moist and smelled terrible. I don’t know if those residents leave their pets pee on the carpet. Anyways, I checked the townhouse as I will have a separate entrance. Every step you take on the wood floor makes noises. Conclusion, I will never go back or rent with those people

  • He doesn’t even look you in the eyes when you talk to him. Talking very arrogant. Extremely rude. Feels like I owe him money or something. Lost my interest right way. The apartment deserves a better management. However, the African American guy seems nice. At least he said:” have a nice day.” in the end.

  • This rating is only for the calls not being answered by the office during the working hours. I have tried calling in so many times but no one answers the calls. I am trying to call the office since last week and I might have made almost 50 calls. NONE ANSWERED. Someone really need to look into this.