Wing house

 Wing house

 353-371 Simcoe St, Beaverton, ON L0K 1A0, Canada

 +1 705-504-4444

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  • The wings are great. It seems the Mets have changed their supplier. They used to get jumbo wings but now they get the smaller kind. The service is not the best. They're waitresses usually I think that their farts don't smell

  • Nothing special and imo the wings aren't as tasty and juicy as the Mount Albert location. My PIC likes the Butter Masala flavour and even though he sent his first order back for a redo, they just weren't flavorful enough. There aren't a lot of restaurant choices in Beaverton so if you're looking for wings this is pretty much the only decent place

  • Beaverton WW has nothing on the rest of them. Wow. The quality and the taste of the food is so much more fresh, the people are nice and they prep your order correctly. You ask for well done and its perfectly well done from quesadillas to fries its so fresh and delicious. A little pricey but this place has the quality.