Windsor Tower Apartments – York Property

 Windsor Tower Apartments – York Property

 780 Ouellette Ave, Windsor, ON N9A 1C5, Canada

 +1 519-977-1360

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  • First off, I had to call twice to book a viewing for an opening I saw on Kijiji. Both times I was met with a very rude woman who seemed like she didn't want my business for some reason. So, on the second time calling I booked a viewing for today (Tuesday, November 15th). When I arrived there for my viewing I dial the number I was given and am again greeted by the rude woman that took my calls. She proceeds to tell me that I did not have a viewing booked for today and that she had already left the building.
    Now I know I had a viewing today because I had told my work that I had to leave early for it and I had planned it. The worst part was that she didn't even offer to set up another viewing.
    For this reason I am not going to give my money to the place that hires someone like that. I also believe that no one else should bother looking into this place due to this fact as well.
    Congrats, you just lost a paying tenant.

  • After struggling to deal with the TERRIBLE management here, I finally got everything in order and moved in. Let me tell you about this place: nothing gets done around here, the 'manager' who couldn't be bothered to do anything, recently 'quit/retired/fired' what ever you'd like to call it. It's been almost a month and there is no replacement. The building reeks of cigarettes and mold with the occasional hint of burnt food. The walls are thick, but not thick enough to keep the noise of children screaming while your neighbors have a party at 2AM because there's no one to stop them. Oh! good luck doing your laundry because not only do the other tenants not know how to use the laundry machines and break them, but the ONLY way to use the machines are through a prepaid card system, which is broken 99% of the time.

  • Having lived here for the better part of 2 years (August 2015 - June 2017), I can say that it is a decent enough place with some quirks. The apartments do not have A/C and therefore absorb and retain heat and humidity which was a pain between mid-May to August. The building always retained various smells from cigarettes to food to body odour, depending on the day, and the elevators (for some reason) always had food or garbage (sometimes spit and even urine) in them, and I felt bad for the guy who cleans every morning. The apartments themselves are fairly spacious and comfortable, and I did enjoy my stay here. The stairwells sometimes smell like urine and are somewhat off-putting. Also, the walls are fairly thin and there are hospitals and a fire department nearby so you will have to get used to sirens at all hours.

    The location of the building is perfect for anyone wanting access to the downtown core including restaurants, bars, the farmer's market, as well as city hall and the water park not too far away. It is within walking distance of the waterfront, and on bus routes that take you directly to the mall (1A) or the University (1C) and pick up right outside and kiddy-corner to the building. The apartment building is also within spitting distance of the Public Library, The Beer Store, and a Food Basics which is very handy. Current management is very pleasant and helpful, and the rent isn't bad either.

    Overall I give this apartment a 3/5.