Windsor Crossing

 Windsor Crossing

 40 Barry Cir, Bloomfield, CT 06002, USA

 +1 203-469-6337

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  • We lived here for 18 months. The apartments are okay, the maintanance Guy, Claremont, is awesome. Pretty much the only good thing about living here...

    We had packages stolen off our front stoop, and it was reported by multiple tenants. The post office won’t even deliver packages there anymore, you have to go and pick them up from the post office now.

    When we went to move out they screwed us on our deposit. We cleaned that entire apartment up and down, bleached and scrubbed both bathrooms, vacuumed, swept and mopped the diningroom and kitchen. Bleached the inside of the fridge, cleaned the counters, and even cleaned the inside of the oven and racks.

    The lady who did the walk through with me, before I gave her the keys, had no complaints and I was told I’d be getting my deposit back in the mail... but... 6 days later they mailed me a bill saying that I owed them $650 on top of taking my entire deposit because they had to replace the carpets.

    I was jaw dropped!! I called and complained and was told that if I refused to pay they would just send it to collections. I’m in the process of a small claims case now...

    They said the carpet was too dirty to have it shampood... which is complete b*llshit, they never even attempted to shampoo it clean.
    (6 Pictures were sent to me as “proof”... it was dirty... normal traffic wear) the lease itself states that if you live there longer than a year you are not responsible for shampooing the carpets.

    I offered to come and shampoo the carpets myself if they’d allow me to (my wife owns a cleaning company) but.. “nope... sorry... we already ripped them out and now you have to pay for them”

    If you want your mail stolen, and your deposit seized from you in order to pay for a new carpet so they can save money on cleaning bills.... go for it...

    Although the rent went up again... it’s over $1600/m now... I bought a house... it’s cheaper.