Westwood Square

 Westwood Square

 7205 Goreway Dr, Mississauga, ON L4T 2T9, Canada

 +1 905-677-5441


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Basement For Rent In Malton – Malton,ON

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  • GlamourTrendz Salon and Dollyrockzbeauty always make the trip to this location very enjoyable.

    These entrepreneurs really do know how to services your needs, such a calm and clean environment, pricing is reasonable all in a excellent professional manner. It is amazing experience that I recommend ?????

  • Variety of shops. Ranked 5 stars for that reason. Unhappy that police station is opening again. In my opinion that will cause more problems. Otherwise great little strip mall. Not really any place to hangout inside or out you sort of just have to make do with the area available...

  • After being renovated we thought it would be better mall. Terrible parking as most park in front and we use the parking lot and walk the distance. Needs parking enforcement right away. But there is none. Inside mall needs organizing too many phone shops in one area. Worst is those fake astrologers. They should be banned coming on 6 months visa scamming people in a mall? Telling people they have black magic in them and take $1000s then run. No wonder many empty shops. Fix it up.

  • Open pit dump with a roof. I've honestly seen cleaner shacks and classier people in the slums of South America. People here treat the parking lot as though it were their birthright. There's no sense of driving here, cars are parked right up beside the store fronts instead of in the parking spaces. I will never understand how this is going on and why this demographic deems it an acceptable practice to block cars and drive around pedestrians crossing the roadway. Besides all of this, there are cars who speed around the lot almost indefinitely, only stopping at the Tim Horton's to get some coffee, and blasting music that no one wants to hear. Terrible.