Westview Place Apartments

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  • Stayed here for a couple of years. I enjoyed it at first but discovered that getting help from the front desk lady was almost impossible. She often seems to not care or take any sort of note when a problem is brought up. The apartments are located near a lot of good stores, would still not recommend.

  • I am a current tennant here - and I loved it at first. Over time it became apparant that the staff gossip with tennants and vise versa. It's not nice to hear unflattering stories about yourself.
    I have also had my laundry stolen several times, while they claim no responsibility. Plus my car window smashed, popped tire, and sugar in my gas tank.
    There are many problem tennants, such as people who blast loud music early in the morning, and who scream out their windows/balcony. I understand that there are going to be issues everywhere you go in this town, but this is ridiculous.

  • I lived here for 5 years, and it was a fine experience. The apartments are kinda small, but fine. There's a good neighbourhood atmosphere because the street is secluded off from the main road and people will walk their dogs and hang out chatting with each other outside. This does mean that summers can get pretty loud, as most people leave their balcony doors and windows open, but I enjoy that atmosphere.

    The staff are always quick to respond to any issues. When I did have a neighbour who was too loud I could always call them and they'd come over and check. They were fast responding to any maintenance requests too. There were quite a few problems with the heating/hot water lines but they ended up being completely replaced as I understand it. It's not perfect, but it was a fine place to live, and I don't agree with the intensely negative comments left here.