Westmount Tower Apartments

Westmount Tower Apartments

1928 Main St W, Hamilton, ON L8S 1J4, Canada

+1 905-525-4407


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  • This place has bed bugs all up in it sprayed over 7 times they still come back the land lords a stocker that puts a cup to your door and listing to your life in side your apartment and to top it off it say they allow pets they don't they'll hand you a complaint the next morning for the dog barking for 5min the night before.... So glad I left this place

  • have been living here for 2 years.
    pros: nice quiet sunny with a great view. big units with big windows. great responsible and quick superintendent. no bedbugs and cockroaches

    cons: lots of dogs. once a huge unleashed dog came inside my unit and started barking while i was getting in.wooden stuff are really old and rotten, such as doors, cabinets and parquet. they crumble without even touch.