Wellesley Court

Wellesley Court

1918 McCallum Rd, Abbotsford, BC V2S 0H2, Canada

+1 604-852-0827


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  • Very posh looking apartments in a safe neighbourhood. Unfortunately, by the highway and a construction site so suites get very dusty very quickly.

  • A horrible place to live. I ‘lived’ there for 3 months and had to put up with the guy above selfishly stomping around anytime day or night. Our apartment shook from the constant loud stomping. My wife was very stressed and always in tears. Seemed like he was always moving furniture around every day and dropping heavy stuff on the floor all the time. I told the building manager but he wasn’t interested, he said if you want it quiet you’ll have to move out and he said the noise intrusion was just normal living. It was a shame because the apartment was good but the noise was unbearable. I wondered if the guy upstairs had a mental problem as his stomping was relentless giving us no option but to move out to a better place far away from this low quality, noisy building.