Waterview Apartments

Waterview Apartments

1290 Bancroft Dr, Sudbury, ON P3B 4G9, Canada

+1 705-560-6974

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House Rent Sudbury – Sudbury,ON

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  • Place is well maintained.
    $1100 for a 2 bedroom
    $1350 for a 3 bedroom
    They also have bachelor apartments and 1 bedrooms apartments available!
    They have a pool and sauna's in man and women change rooms.

  • Its a great place to live well maintained and large apartment. Just wish I were closer to grocery stores otherwise great.

  • Incompetent staff.
    We haven't even moved in yet...
    So we went to see one of the apartments they have available there - okay we gonna take it. We filled in the application and couple days later they called our references.
    The next day we called the office to find out if we're good. No we are not - apartment is taken. Fine
    But they said they have 2 other apartments in
    different building. One with and one without hardwood floor. We gonna go with hardwood floor one since it's only $50 more and also we have a little baby. To secure the place, since it's IDENTICAL (as per lady from the office) we sent them e-transfer to cover first and deposit.
    Also another big thing is we currently live 400km away - we're moving from Mississauga.
    So we went up there to sign papers and see the place. What a surprise - no hardwood floors. CARPET. CARPET. CARPET
    And we asked them SPECIFICALLY for hardwood floor apartment twice before me went up there.
    Lady from the office is sorry - but won't drop the price. So now I'm paying for something I didn't get. They don't care we drove 400km one way. I call this taking advantage of the client.
    More to come - place is a mess. Holes in the walls, current tenant smokes inside and "maybe we will paint ceilings".
    Pretty sad they pretend to be 5 star company but act like 1 star.