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  • Watercrest boasts about all the wonderful amenities that come with the above average fees they charge for rent. Just let it be known that after living in the building for sometime now, we have not been able to use all the amenities at one time or another for some very extended periods of time.

    The pool has not been opened as of yet this summer, it is now July 22nd. We have perhaps been able to use it 4 times over the time we have lived at Watercrest. The gym has been closed for an extended period of time twice, as well as the Social room being closed for months.

    There are 3 elevators in the building and there is usually one not in working order, and most times it is the service elevator, used for moving in and out. Just recently we had 2 elevators not in order and there were people moving tying up the other one. This was on a Saturday when you are normally home and running errands. It was also a concern for me as we have many elderly folks in the building that could have experienced some health issues that required assistance. With only one elevator working until Monday when it was to be repaired (still not repaired) it could have lead to a very serious situation.

    It is really quite a shame as I do love the location and my unit itself, but having a hard time justifying the bang for your buck. My fees have been raised every year by the maximum amount allowed by law, with continued issues with amenities and maintenance.

    I had to select a star rating in order to post this comment, and would not even rate it a 1. Just an FYI for anyone looking to possibly considering Watercrest.

  • The building has amazing views, unlike other buildings I went to to find a place. PM is great too. Happy to be here.

  • My wife and I have been living in the Watercrest for over 18 months and are absolutely loving every minute of our stay. We find the the location ideal for the scenery, closeness to the city as well as all of the parks and shopping areas. We searched for a new residence for some 6 months and when we located this building and our apartment, we were sure that we our search had ended. Highly recommend it to any new residents to Barrie as well as residents currently living in Barrie who wish to either downsize or enhance their living conditions.