Warren Arms Apartments

Warren Arms Apartments

222 MacLaren St, Ottawa, ON K2P 0L8, Canada

+1 613-667-9279


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Apartment Buildings Ottawa – Ottawa,ON

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  • lived here for 3 years so far- i will leave a review for anyone googling this apt building and wanting to know more

    pros: very quiet (there is actually a running joke in my friend group about how when my friends come over, they never see anyone else in the building!!!),staff is good and any time i have needed repairs it is done quickly and efficiently, walls are thick so its super quiet inside the apts as well, good price for rent and amazing location, laundry uses a card that you can easily reload with debit/credit on a machine in the laundry room, garbage chute and recycling is available and easy, staff does things such as collecting for ottawa food bank which is awesome

    cons: elevator is super small and slow so moving in sucked but its just a one time inconvenience (until you move out lol), elevator also breaks down on occasion but is usually fixed the next day, its an old building/elevator so it happens. there are only 2 washers/dryers in the building and 85 units (but i will admit i can get my laundry done pretty easily and its not always busy, its honestly not that bad), no plug ins in the bathroom as its an older building, water is shut off every few months for maintenance but they will let you know ahead of time

    overall, i recommend living here and will edit my review if things change. I have been here a while and really love it. the location and price are perfect and its a super quiet building, i have never had any problems with anyone!