Village On the River – Skyline Living

 Village On the River – Skyline Living

 67 Village Dr, Kingston, ON K7K 6K7, Canada

 +1 613-344-2196

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Kingston Ontario Apartments – Kingston,ON

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  • I have lived at 67 Village Drive since June of 2018 and love it. The building is clean, quiet and the staff are amazing. Nicole, Paul, Andy, Mitchell and Ellie always say hi and are quick to offer assistance. Had a great summer here and looking forward to the winter!

  • Well I can say one thing the maintenance and electrical lighting hallway lights on fire and just leaving it to stink.. don't you think that a little more important then putting a unit inspection on my door the 4th one this month.... Go vacume and mop the floors and put some air fresheners in the hallways and really I've been descusted of the stair wells coffee been there for weeks this stuff should be number 1 priority like what's next to happen burn down or flood out or people getting sick cause the jobs and maintenance of the building stinks. Do u want someone to actually show you how to clean mop and keep a building maintained
    Let me know well that's all I got to say while ibsmeellll burnt wires all night

  • My daddy is in heaven now was hoping I could rent his old place. I really miss him and I'm very helpful I can help with anything please accept me I won't let you down I'm being attacked by varmints in this city that are meanie pants anyway please call me or email asap

  • I've been here less than 2 months and already I've had A) money taken from my bank account without permission or reason and they couldn't find one to give. B) no water on multiple occasions due to the boiler room having leaks or whatever. Some tenants are very kind, but the super, Tanya is extremely ignorant and rude and doesnt grasp simple concepts and I dont think she has any idea what shes doing. Skylines is cheap and was the only place I could find in a weeks time but if I can find a way out of this lease, you're darn right I'm going to. Worse than homestead as far as I'm concerned.