Village Court Apartments – York Property

 Village Court Apartments – York Property

 7375 Tranby Ave, Windsor, ON N8S 4P4, Canada

 +1 519-945-9111

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  • I hated living here

    I do not smoke, do not own pets, no kids, worked around 60 hours a week, pay my bills on time…. When I brought up a major problem to the landlord, the turnaround response was minimal. I felt my concerns were disregarded when I addressed an issue with the apartment.
    The maintenance staff is nice and helpful, but they have very limited availability. I had a scheduled appointment and it was postponed 3 times because they had an emergency. I had a hard time getting a hold of someone to follow up on why maintenance did not show up. It took around 2 months to get something fixed in my kitchen. Maintenance is short staffed and management does not do a good job following up.

    When I lived here I discovered that the tenants just don’t care….. (Continue reading and you’ll understand) I noticed a lot of tenants are home all day. Half of them are unemployed or young teenagers which will result of them not doing anything all day, and then partying all night. They are careless and inconsiderate about their surroundings.
    There is a fair amount of young parents who do not supervise their children. Kids were climbing onto other tenants balconies. There were days the yard was littered with garbage and toys, and other tenants balconies vandalized

    The parking lot is not maintained whatsoever. There are no parking lines, no scheduled parking spots, and no security
    I woke up one morning and discovered someone hit my car in the parking lot, which was money out of my own pocket. I had to pay hundreds of dollars for the repairs. Also I did not park in an unlit area; it was right at the front. Probably some drunk teen hit my car and drove off. I addressed this to management, and they just shrugged and said sorry they are not liable. Parking at this apartment complex meant park at your own risk. Now I am not blaming Management, but you have to understand that the tenants who live at Village Court Apartments just do not care…..

    Living Condition
    Everyone smoked in the building I was living in. The smell is so bad in other apartments that it seeped into mine.
    I was paying over $800.00 a month for my apartment, and was embarrassed to invite people over because of the potent smell of the premise that was sweeping into my apartment. It was so pungent that I could not contain it with air fresheners and air filters
    I had to contact the onsite manager multiple times, and then to the main office to get it resolved (I should not have to do that).

    It’s a shame… This place has so much potential… I would have enjoyed living here if it was run by better and professional management. I feel the main problem was the tenants, and management made it worse. If you are going to move in, dedicate some time walk around the whole apartment complex. It will give you a better understanding of what type of atmosphere you are going to be moving into. Also be warned…. If the place just recently smells like someone sprayed febreeze or an air freshener spray…there is a reason why.

  • When I lived there that I noticed the same as JD. I was a working single mother so that apartment was affordable and clean compared to other apartments I had looked at. Many tenants in the apartments appeared not to work, it seemed they were home 24/7. I had to get up early in the morning to get my young kids at the time to school, daycare, then off to work for myself. Other tenants would allow their young school aged kids to play outside until 10pm to 11pm on a school night, making noise outside and running down the hallways. One lady was allowed to park her MAC truck in the parking lot (which was not allowed at the time but the superintendent felt sorry for her and allowed her to) and I found out later it was her who had hit my car trying park that monster in the parking lot. Though the apartment looked clean, you could hear rats and squirrels in the walls. The rats would get into the living area of the apartment. I had to keep all non-fridge food items in plastic containers. One time the fridge in my apartment died and I had to throw out some food. When I reported the fridge issue to the superintendent, his response was "what do you want me to do?". I wanted to yell "fix it" since I am one of the few tenants in this building who actually has a job and works to pay my rent. After a few years I had had enough and was able to move out to some where better and affordable.

  • As everyone stated affordable apartment building d is full of mice in the attic. They knew about it i was told that when I moved in. Then we started seeing them in the apartment i notified management and they had a guy to put traps in. Knowing that the attic was full of them. Also never had a follow up to see if where having the same mouse problem it was 4 weeks. I ended up finding a new place and couldnt be happier to distance myself from that building The maitnence is incapable of doing the work. When I moved in there was no bathroom door no big deal. Got the excuse that they where painting the door. Guy comes in to put it in unpainted and put the handle on the wrong way so I fixed myself plus the countless other stuff that was just shoty work so i did it myself because i just know how to do it. STAY AWAY FROM BUILDING D ITS IS A MOUSE INFESTED SHIT HOLE. To ppl not working I could careless I have a work truck and it was never broken into or anything stolen so theres a plus I guess.

  • I lived in building A, the exit sign in the hall way was dangling by a thread and was never fixed. People left garbage in the hallways, the garbage areas over flowing constantly. The tenants here are the worst there’s a lady on my floor who gets the cops called on her daily for screaming at her kids. Everywhere I look I just wonder how 6+ years ago a 2 bedroom here cost $750 and now it’s well over $1000 and they didn’t renovate or do anything but the price went up? Ok not sure how that works. This place won’t last another 10 years like this it’s falling apart.

  • Horrible reviews. I know someone close that lives there. She is a single mom, working part time at the moment. The maintenance is not good. She is considerate and teaches her son to be also. They are quiet and he has a regular decent bed time and routine. She does not allow her son to make a lot of noise or play in the halls but some of the parents that live there are absolutely horrible. Not just parents mind you, some of the other single tenants also. The place really needs to be cleaned up especially for the rent they charge. She can't afford to move because of rent controls being removed. I pray she and her son can get the hell out someday soon. I wouldn't even give it one star if I had a choice.