1239 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6E 4R8, Canada

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Bc Condos – British Columbia,Canada

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  • We stayed here for a week in a friend's condo in July. The location is good and the condo was cute, but I would never want to live here. There is no AC, and the building is made of glass, so it heats up like a greenhouse. Much too hot to stay in the apartment during the day or to sleep at night. Our friend had purchased a small AC unit which sat on the living room floor, with the exhaust going out to the balcony (which meant the balcony door could not be fully closed), and he put a fan in the bedroom. It helped somewhat, but what an awkward setup. There were only two windows in the apartment that could be opened, and they were designed to only open about 4 inches, so no real way to get fresh air. Many of the buildings in this area are designed the same way - hot and stuffy all summer long. These are very expensive condos, and should have been designed more intelligently.

  • 9 foot ceilings, pool, gym, concierge, games room, business centre , & visitor parking.
    The building has some upcoming assessments coming.

    I lived here for over 12 years and know the building if anyone is interested.