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 Vancouver Condos For Sale

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  • Terrible service, avoid at all costs. They had me list a house only to push down the price. Also my friend who is a buyer was very rudely treated by their agents. Go elsewhere!

  • 1. Darren did not collect deposits from our buyer despite the signing of the sales agreement three times with conditions waived all three times. This is a basic skill for any realtor.

    2. Darren convinced us to allow his to represent us and the buyer in order for us to get our deposits because this would lead to a "smoother transaction." Really what she meant was that she wanted double the commission and would do whatever it took to secure the sale.

    3. Darren promised and guaranteed us, both verbally and in writing, that the buyer (who she did not collect deposit checks from three times in a row) would buy our house. Darren also shared with us the buyers income and financial statements in order to convince us he had the money (this is so unethical). She did this in order for us to keep the potential transaction alive in hopes she would make double commission on our 2 million dollar home.

    4. After we took legal action against Darren and his team Darren conveniently erased all of his communications with the buyer which would have shed light on shady communications she had with him. She comes across as a sweet innocent Realtor but she is far from it.

    5. In the end, all we wanted was our deposits owed but his legal team fought us for years which led us to give up. The moral of the story is: Even if you have a solid case against a Re/max realtor, the Re/max legal team will drag it out for years thereby escalating costs in hopes you too will give up.

  • I purchased a property under the under a representation in the listing that the property was perfect for tenants. It was only after closing that I was informed that in fact tenants were NOT allowed on the property because it had unauthorized accommodations. This caused me to hire an attorney and fight this issue with the city. This process took two years and four months of my time and major losses. These brokers were very assuring prior to purchase that tenants were in fact allowed on this property and thus were of no help in this matter.

  • The Broker/owner of this Remax office, Glenn gave us a great, professional, convincing interview when we first looked for an agent to sell our house. We knew what we wanted in an agent to sell our vacant home in a gated community. This office is right outside the entrance. Broker was full of promises, guarantees & reassurances that he or someone in his office would follow up after showings to check on the house. This part was the beginning of a disaster! To list a few; garage door left open all night, lights left on, water turned on & left on, front door left unlocked... Our first contract tied up the house from selling & having other showings/offers, we were not given any information on buyers financing status per REBGV Board of Realtors contract even though we requested it.