Tsawwassen Mills

Tsawwassen Mills

5000 Canoe Pass Way, Tsawwassen, BC V4M 0B3, Canada

+1 604-948-9889


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  • Tsawwassen Mills is the nicest mall in B.C.
    the design and the art at this mall is insane. Great to shop or just to hang out with the family. Me and my family come here at least once a week. Very clean, well built mall, also has EV charging stations.
    Great place to check out!

  • Oh I love this place even if it's too far from my place. The ambiance, the stores, the mall itself and the food. Not to mention the fair prices you could see on each store you go into. I bought a pair of Nike shoes for a very low price with an excellent quality. How could you ask for more? Oh and the food court? Gosh it's so cozy and family friendly. Wow..amazing!

  • Huge mall. I think I could say they have everything there. Many high end brands. My favourite store is Bass Pro Shops. It’s a great place to find a great deal. You could easily spend the whole day here. Plenty of parking so no need to worry.

  • A very big mall that you can find all you need to buy in it! The design is so beautiful and very well maintained. Lots of parking spaces and a huge food court with any option you like. If you wanna buy something and have fun you should go there!

  • Looking for a place to enjoy and relax? TM is the top choice!
    This place has everything you need, they prepared everything you could think about. And this area has all the stores, goods you are looking for as well.

    Stuffs are friendly and nice, huge parking lots with very good traffic at this area.
    I always visit this place to relax or enjoy my day off and never had enough.
    I can’t find any reason to dislike this place at all.