Town Inn Suites

Town Inn Suites

620 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y 2G2, Canada

+1 416-964-3311

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2 Bedroom Toronto – Toronto,ON

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  • EDIT: Owner responded basically calling me a liar. The pictures were not at all accurate and are all of a brand new renovated rooms with clean and modern decor. Our room was old and looked like it hadn’t been touched in 10+ years. No attempt to make amends or anything. All these reviews saying people got upgraded to nicer rooms and such yet the room we stayed in was way smaller than the one pictured on the website.

    Hotel was dirty. Room was in bad condition and absolutely nothing like the pictures in Google or the website. Horrible false advertising. Cups in room were dirty and towels smelled unpleasant. Wallpaper was peeling, carpet was in bad shape and wall in bathroom was damaged. Parking lot was nearly impossible to get to from front entrance (there is no parking while checking in). Staff was not helpful and I would never recommend this hotel. Do not plan on returning.

  • The staff was incredible! I have arrived after a very long flight with my Pet and this team was very understanding, helpful and committed to present solutions accordingly to my needs. I would highly recommend!

  • Great price and location. Halls look a little rough but the rooms are newly renovated with nice kitchens and lots of space. Buy your own breakfast food or run across the street to Church Street Espresso.

  • Super location, super 2 bedroom suite, phenomenal service - the staff are truly amazing! I travel a lot for work, I spent a night here with my family and I have to say - we were blown away by this place. amazing find, I recommend it wholeheartedly to families! And its pet friendly!!!

  • this is the best place I have been in a while you get a full kitchen and living room and it's very cheap only 300$ all the other hotels are way more expensive. We did have a small problem with the wifi because it had a device limit for each room but they will send you an email asking for a review now so that they can help you while I am still here. Then we got a call five minutes later from one of the staff helping us with our issue ( in my case tell me a wifi code ). Seconds later we can use the code for us alone this hotel has really good staff and service.