Towers of Windsor Park Apartment Homes

 Towers of Windsor Park Apartment Homes

 3005 Chapel Ave W, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002, USA

 +1 856-607-2832

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  • Do not move in here! Son in law signed lease on June 1 and freight elevator was broken down. Said it won't be fixed until the fall. When they signed the lease they said they could use the freight elevator to move in knowing it was broken. He is unable to move the rest of his things in - he's on the 10th floor! Couch and queen size box spring will not fit in regular elevator. Try to move a couch up 10 flights! Spoke to manager and they offered no assistance and just said there was nothing they could do.

  • Location is on the upswing can't wait to see the final product. The maintenance and office team members have improved in customer service and although there are some challenges throughout The Towers of Windsor seem to be focused on getting to the next level. D

  • Towers of Windsor is nice, quiet, safe, and all around a great place to live. They have put alot of work into the buildings in just the 2 years I've lived here & take pride in their property. People think things & renovations will happen overnight, but that's not possible anywhere. There are no leaks, mold, rodents, pests, etc. If anything is gross it's people who live here are too lazy to take their trash out and throw it in the trash room. They have designated parking so you always have a spot when you need it, as well as ample visitors parking for guests and second cars. Alot of the things people complain about like the ac being turned off are required by law for them to do. They plow in the winter, mow in the summer, keep the grounds clean (to the best of their ability, because some people can't put trash in the dumpsters), on site laundry room is convenient although more machines would be nice. A loading dock(s) Dog parks, pool, tennis court, playground and numerous activities for residents. maintenance has a quick turn around and the guys are always courteous. Easy access to ANYWHERE in Cherry Hill. Def a 5☆ community! And all the new renovations, this place will be a hit!

  • Avoid this place at all costs. Yes, it's cheap but it's not worth it. Walls are thin, yet made of a material that's impossible to hang things up on. Received an apartment that was dirty, dust in vents and built up food between the oven and the wall. Maintenance often can't fix problems and you're given the excuse, "the building is just too old." Washing machines and dryers that rarely work properly. Always shutting down the water. Had several months where the service elevator was down. I could keep listing issues but basically: just stay away

  • I haven't found the same problems as others are saying. The move in process was easy. The people in the office have been helpful. A few small things I called about were answered promptly and friendly. The maintenance guys are friendly. Many of the other residents are friendly. My apartment was very clean upon move in. There are issues sometimes where once the heat was turned off and hot water for a few hours. However, it is an older building and things happen they can't control. They will email us to let us know what is going on. I haven't had any trouble with the washers or dryers. I think I would have given five stars but I am in the West building. The east building has been fully renovated and is gorgeous. In the month here, nothing has been done in my building,even though it is looking like a construction site. I am happy here and have the most beautiful views of Philly I love that all utilities are included. I have heard some stories about the air conditioning so I hope it works because I have a health issue. Currently, so far so good.