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  • By far one of the worst places to live. in less then a year we have dealt with Bed Bugs, cockroaches, being sexually assaulted on the elevator with no conviction to the predator because the security cameras do not work and could not provide evidence for a court proceeding. The staff spend more time smoking and gossiping about people in the neighbourhood then they do actually working. We have gone without hot water on a number of occasions, also the heat is to hot or not hot enough. The staff also have piss poor hygiene, they are greasy, looking like they crawled out of a dumpster, clearly taking about as good of care of themselves as they do the building. Someone once told me that if you have to apply for a building management job as a couple then chances are pretty good you won't amount to much in life if you can manage a job without the assistance of your spouse.. If you are considering moving here. wrap everything in plastic.

  • lived here 2013-14. I understand it is renovated under new management now, but I can only speak to my experience a few years ago. Mice literally running back and forth throughout the apartment , playing swing on my closet hangers, no heat working, it was terrible. At night I would hear my dishes clinking around and it was the mice running atop my dish rack. I would hear light "thumps" it was them running on my carpet. They loved to come out at night I couldnt sleep. I cleaned my room and found droppings aside my mattress near the wall , meaning they were reallllyy close to me in the cracks while sleeping. A great location, and good "Appearance" but not good . I hope its gotten better...

  • Lived there back in 2005 and less then a year in had roaches the fire alarms would go off multiple times a week. So sad that nothing has changed in the last 18 years.

  • Honestly... where do i even start?

    1. If you like all your clothes in garbage bags and dont care about your furtniture then sure, but if you do care i'd highly suggest you stay away from this building. I have to sleep on my couch because of bed bugs(imagine paying for a 1 bedroom to not even use it). I spray all my clothes in rubbing alcohol(dries them out). Throwing out all my furniture cause i don't want to risk contaminating my next place. Money out of my own pocket for sprays and constantly washing all my stuff to get rid of them. Been here for just about a year and been dealing with bed bugs for 7 months.

    2. My car has been broken into twice(underground parking). Nothing has been done.

    3. Weed is now legal. But i can't smoke it here????

    Don't waste your time and money on this place, it really isn't worth it.

    Keep in mind. I was in a RENOVATED UNIT. It does not matter.