The Rivergate

 The Rivergate

 35 Front St S suite 101, Mississauga, ON L5H 2C6, Canada

 +1 905-278-0392

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  • To the next person looking to rent at 35 Front Street South: If you are planning on renting or viewing an apartment at the above address please be aware. I have lived here for the last three years and received nothing but the most terrible service, with nothing but lies. They will tell you that there is a working pool which is a LIE. Greenwin management had the pool at this location closed for over a year now, and without any compensation for the renters. Also, all of the amenities (sauna, gym, squash room, laundry, party room) are all in terrible condition. The sauna hasn't been updated since the building was built in the 1970's. Gym has rusted and outdated equipment, the laundry room is never clean as well as the washers do not clean your clothes. Balconies are rusted all over with concrete falling off, which is very unsafe, but they don't care. The rent here is at least $200-$300 more than anywhere else in Port Credit and its all because of the pool which isnt even open and with no future of being open. Save your money and go elsewhere, there are plenty of other places that are in much better conditions for a lot cheaper. All the management does is lie so you can sign up for a full year lease and then you get to find out what its really like living here. If you ask management to do anything they will point the finger at you that you are harassing the staff. If you still want to view this place please be diligent and make sure to look around at all of the amenities and judge for yourself. My promise is that you will regret renting here!!!

  • I lived here for 1 1/2 yrs. It is a beautiful location and my apartment had a gorgeous view of just the lake.
    The pool was out of service during my tenancy.
    The property managers make up their own rules as they go along. They are extremely rude!! If you need assistance with a repair etc they treated tennants as though they were a burden.
    The power has a tendency to go out during storms more frequently than other buildings. It still operates on fuses and they blow regularly. It had all the original windows and was cold in the winter. The heating system is noisy as well.
    I left this building, as did other tenants I know, really because of the "Superintendents"
    as they dont like to be called.
    I found a 2 bedroom in another building in Port Credit for less than I paid for the one bedroom here. 4 yrs later, my rent is still less than what I paid at the Rivergate.
    Look around and think long and hard before moving to this building!!! You will be sorry.