The Graham Bell

The Graham Bell

26 Helen Ave, Brantford, ON N3T 5Y8, Canada

+1 519-756-5692

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Apartments In Brantford – Brantford,ON

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  • Do not live here from the first month I moved in it has smelled like the garbage room since I'm right beside bathroom and bedroom reek of garbage when I complain about the smell I'm told I'm a liar they can't smell anything when I speak to others and they smell it in their apartments too. Stay far away from this building and the company Northview apartment REIT who owns it. Nickle and dime you for everything 45 a month for parking 150 for air conditioning etc etc

  • I have lived here almost 3 yrs .friendly, maintaince is awesome. Cleaners do a fantastic job. Not noisy but my floor is quiet .I have an upgraded apartment and love it . New management are much better than the last ones.
    I only wish I lived on the main floor. It's a great place to live if you like apartment life.

  • Dont recommend! Its been three years since they said they would replace my leaky windows, one window is also been jammed closed since then. Theres been vommit on one of the doors of the basement for over a month now. Last insadent was blood, witch they wouldnt clean till someone kicked in the door. The elevators dont work properly, my daughter has been hit twice now from the doors. The divider on the belcony is starting to Loosen (said they would fix last summer) and falling over and others have it worse with them completely blown over not just a couple welds gone! Last but not least they have two bedrooms and two bathrooms hooked into one fuse that kept blowing from being over loaded (with three things plugged in between all room and lights on). They blamed it on a fan and put in breaker style fuse in. You can see burn marks still from them blowing up!

  • This is the last place I would recommend to anybody, unless you enjoy cockroaches entering your ear at night, having cockroaches enter the food you cook, and having a smelly apartment.

    The windows are disgusting, closets are busted, and the bathrooms have some type of dark spots all over the walls and the roof, and I still cannot figure out what it is.

    A friend of mine got stuck in the elevator for about 2+ hours, and an elevator I was in ended up stopping in between walls for about 10 minutes.

    If you enjoy people running down halls, people above you jumping up and down, the smell of old moist carpet, and roaches all over your apartment that is supposedly meant to be "luxury", this place is for you!

  • Awful super intendants here, if they were replaced I think it would be much more enjoyable