The Gardens at Qualicum Beach

 The Gardens at Qualicum Beach

 650 Berwick Rd N, Qualicum Beach, BC V9K 2T8, Canada

 +1 250-752-2818

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  • My father recently passed away at the Gardens after a 3 year residence there. My mother has been there for almost a year. My Dad had a wonderful experience at the Gardens. His physical needs were met as were his social needs and ultimately his spiritual needs too. The nurses and care givers are always proactive and notify me whenever there is a health change. These workers actually provided a home for my Dad. They loved him and he knew it. In his last days I was able to be with him at the Gardens and witnessed the care he - and other residents - got 24/7. The key element I saw with my Dad and other residents was real love coupled with professional care. I cannot be happier and more grateful for what they did for him. And for what they continue to do for my Mom.

    Brad Wilson

    Qualicum Beach

  • My father spent his last 6 months at the Gardens in complex care. He was quite content and made the most of the situation. My mother has been in independent living at the Gardens since November 2015. My 2 sisters and I have concluded that this is a wonderful facility. Physically, the care has been excellent in all respects. Psychologically, the atmosphere in the facility is positive and friendly with all sorts of interesting activities. I'm always amazed that they can provide a facility this amazing with the limited funds that they have available.

    DO NOT ALLOW YOU LOVED ONE TO BE ON THE THIRD FLOOR OF THIS ESTABLISHMENT WITHOUT A NANNY CAM, PERIOD! Do not be fooled by the fact it is one of the higher end care facilities on the Island.

    Initially, our Mother was well enough to live in her own apartment and
    benefit from all that the Gardens has to offer its able Community Members. However, sadly, she developed dementia and was moved to the third floor. Unexplained bruising, a recorded conversation of one Staff
    Member screaming abuse at her. Hearing her distress at being emotionally abused by Staff member, we placed a call to front desk of third floor and were hung up on when we asked for an explanation as to what on earth was going on. A male patient found on top of her in bed (more than once) who had been allowed to go into her room unattended. We never did learn whether the Staff Members involved were disciplined or an outcome of the "investigation".

    Finally, after a decade of The Gardens being her home and spending thousands of dollars for the privilege, the Manageress, callously, gave us ( we do not live in the area) less than 24 hours to remove all belongings (including furniture) from the premises as the room as needed immediately. All telephone calls placed to Vancouver Head office were never returned. Owner of this facility and several others like it in Canada, off-shore.
    A reasonable place to stay if you are well enough to live independently.
    Ghastly, otherwise.
    If your loved one receives better care than we experienced, for our Mother (in-law), then this review has served its purpose.

  • My mother is a resident. I came to visit her. I have been a care aide for a long time .I know the job well and all I can say is that when I left my mom I knew she was in good hands the staff were really good to me and my dog. Our job is very hard and rewarding at the same time .I would like to say to all the staff kitchen, house keeping, maintenance thank you for the great service you give to all the residents and to Zoe my mom. Lily Johnson

  • Unfortunately, I can't say I love it here. I know two people who worked here and said they hated it. Too many bad stories. I have a family member staying here who also doesn't enjoy her time there. She's said the food is terrible. I can appreciate the fact that she's in a safe place with people to watch over her but for the incredibly high price it costs to live there I wish she could enjoy it.