The Edge – 655 Princess Street

 The Edge – 655 Princess Street

 657 Princess St, Kingston, ON K7L 0E7, Canada

 +1 866-736-8212

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Kingston Ontario Apartments – Kingston,ON

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  • My husband and I subleased an apartment for 4 months and had just an OK experience. Great things about it; location, gym and pool/bbq. I would not recommend to live here for full price - not worth it.
    We were lucky enough to have a discounted rent because we were sublets; however the monthly rent here is very expensive. A two bedroom is $1900 PLUS utilities; plus $60 a month for a 2nd vehicle. There is NO air conditioner in the building and it gets extremely hot during the summer months; they charge $50 a month for a usage fee; you can purchase your own or rent one of theirs for an extra $50 per month..again more costs...we purchased our own and they charged $50 per month just to have it running. In the colder months the furnace is extremely loud and in the middle of the apartment.
    During our stay the fire alarm had gone off probably once a week; a very loud beeping sound that rang through the one really had any urgency to fix or correct it; it lasted throughout the night some nights and a few hours during the day. We called the 24 hour property management phone number every time the alarm went off; no one EVER answered. Kind of concerning...
    Finally; our neighbour was smoking before and after working hours; we had to move our bed and clothes into another room because the smell was so bad..this was brought to the attention of property management multiple changes were made.

    This was fine for an 18 year old student who has some money and likes to party..for anyone looking for quality and service worth what they pay per month; I would look elsewhere.

  • Lots of construction, not a single sign telling delivery people how to get in, but plenty of rude and condescending construction workers.