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 The Bristol

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  • Cons:
    During showings in August, we noticed the building was very very cool in the hallways and units. The agents showing us around commented about the air conditioning available (you could hear and feel icy air from the vents in ceiling). It was the main reason we agreed to move in.
    Moved in for October and the AC was still blasting so we closed the vents until the summer season the following year. The first heatwave hit and we tried opening the vents and no air was blowing through. Contacted management and they said it needed repairs. We waited 2 weeks and heard nothing. Contacted management again and they said they are “return vents” that bring air in from outside. We asked them why isn’t air blowing still? when it’s cold and rainy outside, why is it still very very warm inside even though the vents are fully opened? Why is there newly installed AC units in the under ground parking that remain off? ....... they still have yet to answer my questions. It’s been 5 months.

    They installed screens on windows and doors. Originally giving us ample notice for a one day installation....that took 4 days beyond the one day they quoted. Causing many people to stay home and adjust their work schedules which many found inconvenient.....But only a percentage received screens on the doors. When I approached the men installing them, they said that management found it too expensive to replace the non-sliding doors and purchase new ones. So those units didn’t get screens. I find a minimum of 3 wasps a day in my unit. It reaches temperatures in the high thirties inside if I don’t open my balcony door and without a screen I have to be on alert so my young children don’t get stung. No AC, and no safe way to keep the unit cool in the summer is difficult if you stay home during the day. We sent an email about the doors...they said they would get back to us....that was 2 months ago.

    Constant lack of hot water.
    It has been an on going issue wether you are able to receive hot water in your unit. The instructions are to call the building manager and have him reset the boiler. Then you have to wait 30-40 minutes and see if it was successful.
    This is a current problem (the past month) and we have been told it would take a week to fix.

    NOT sound proof like the agents declared it was during the showing. There is a fire hall across the street, the highway is incredibly loud And you can hear your neighbors (above and below only) cough, walking around, their TV, the washer and dryer, closet doors opening and closing etc. They had a building meeting and this was the main complaint from majority of the people that attended. They didn’t give much solution except to try and keep quiet and buy more area rugs to help reduce the noise.

    Nice building manager (first and second)
    Modern looking units and building
    Underground parking
    Washer/dryer in unit
    They had a one year free internet/cable from Telus

    There is now an increase in rent starting Nov 1st (which I found the original amount a bit higher than what the area average is) and many original tenants have broken their one year lease (and moved out) Many units I have seen remain empty for the past few months. Wether everyone moved due to the same problems I have experienced, and the units remain empty due to the very rigorous criteria you have to meet (criminal, credit, background checks. Employment checks, T4 reviews, income statements etc...) I do not know.
    This is just my input from what I have experienced. I hope that it helps.