The Ambassador Northview Apartments Reit

 The Ambassador Northview Apartments Reit

 356 Windmill Rd, Dartmouth, NS B3A 1J3, Canada

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Dartmouth Apartments – Dartmouth,NS

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  • Bad management, they don't understand the term low income, they will rise, low, and rise your rent illegally, and this building has an a-hole of a superintendent who thinks he has higher power when all of MetCap and all its affiliates from Toronto deserve a cactus up where the sun don't shine. Don't rent from here, it maybe a good area, secure, but it's bad management, and will kick you out if you a week behind rent. If you choose to live here, May the Force be with you. Oh, and the windows aren't secure, and there's a plug above sink which is a major fire hazard.

  • Certainly agree with Mr. Kennedy & some of his concerns.
    The building could be better managed. Noise from neighboring tenants is endless & beyond normal ( super fails to remedy the situation). Constant cigarette smoke coming from super's unit & antiquated ventilation system.Living room window leaks at every heavy rain fall (this has been on going for several years now). Super's remedy is for me to put a towel in the window. During a heavy rainfall the sun porch is like a small brook & the porch needs several buckets to catch the leaks.This has been on going for a few years now .Grey water sewage from unit above me leaks from the base of my toilet, has happened 3 times now & nothing done. Super's remedy , he failed to do anything. Also grey water sewage coming from other units & coming up in my tub plus sink drains (the sewage issues have also been issues for years now). All on going issues which have failed to be addressed in any way .Certainly not an environmentally friendly building with the over powering stench of cleaning products used & cigarette smoke.Have never been in a building where the fire alarm is set off so often , strange indeed .Sales people are continuously let into what is supposed to be a secure building.Basement windows are partially below ground level & no security barrier of any kind (ridiculous , just a break in waiting to happen.) The ceilings in my unit have not been painted in several years, Metcap neglect. The super told me my unit was painted (walls & casing) however the paint job is so pathetic that it appears not to have been painted.I guess you can only work with the skills you have or have not. For a few years now I have had the impression & personally experienced that a selected few employees & tenants are in the business of harassing & trying to intimidate certain tenants.
    After passing on my concerns to the Metcap (Northview Reit) building super about the excessive cigarette smoke coming in through my bathroom vent plus the excessive & unrealistic noise from the above unit something strange but not unexpected happened. The cigarette smoke & noise frequency increased.This has happened a few years back with the exact same super of the building & the exact same tenants above my unit.The super put the exact same tenants above me each stay in the Metcap (Northview Reit) building.Very cruel individuals. WCB Nova Scotia have instructed Northview Reit tenants to up their harassment. The continuous cigarette smoke coming through the bathroom vent on an hourly basis makes this Northview Reit apartment unhealthy & unfit for habitation .The building reeks of tobacco smoke and recently marijuana smoke.The building is not a HEALTHY place to be.Absolutely no peace or comfort.