The Alexander

The Alexander

5121 Bishop St, Halifax, NS B3J 0E5, Canada

+1 833-844-3580

(5 reviews)

Apartment Buildings Halifax – Halifax,NS

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  • If you manage to live here, you are one of the luckiest person I have ever met. The leasing agent is very indifferent to our application. And the person who reviewed our application declined us without reason. Upon second application, we did not even receive a reply, only to notice that the room we wanted was taken down. Totally unacceptable. Yes, provided that the Alexander is popular apartment with many applicants; however, we have been trying to contact them every day for the past three weeks. To no avail, we resorted to visit the office. It again turned out to be yet another futile effort. The leasing agent said he would call our previous landlord. But he never did. I hope they will learn to treat their customers better. After all, what will Killam be if all of their customers are buzzed off by their horrible attitudes.

  • The leasing agent is very indifferent and not professional at all. I have been sending e-mails for 10 days or more and received replies from him, about looking for a suitable apartment, at the end he just ignored my e-mails. Very unprofessional.

  • One of the best residential buildings/locations in Eastern Canada!

    Just leased a suite and found the Sales agent bld mgr and super were all very professional and accomodating!
    Couldn't be happier!
    Can't wait to move in!

  • Nice building with worst service ever. Both John and Steve (the managers of the building) work inefficiently and treat people differently. They only care about those lawyers, doctors who have ‘high status’. And you can never imagine how mean they are. They also work at 1472 cathedral lane where my friends live and also has upset experience with them. I’m super glad that I have left this place. I’ll never recommend this building until both of them are fired.

  • Like many of the reviews listed here, my experience has been awful with Alexander apartments. I was in touch with Brady, who suddenly stopped picking my phone or replying to my emails as I was about to finalize my application. This was a very humiliating experience. Totally unacceptable.