Terrasses Embassy

 Terrasses Embassy

 3440 Rue Durocher, Montréal, QC H2X 2E2, Canada

 +1 514-700-1758


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  • I lived in this building for 8 years. When CAPREIT became managers , I was moving back to Toronto and needed to terminate my lease and cancel my pre-authorized payments. These people are extremely vague and unhelpful with guiding you through these procedures, they seem to be intent on squeezing out every last buck from your pocket. I lost about $80 in bank and other fees and had a new 12-month lease automatically renewed despite having given them a reply with regards to this following the Regie du Logement. Now I live in Toronto and have a 12-month legal contract under my name due to their incompetence. I contested it and am still waiting on the matter to be resolved.

  • Stay away if you like piece of mind.
    When Capreit took over the building it brought incompetent management. Could not take their word, yes may mean maybe or no. We had problem with neighbours blasting EDM at 2am several times a week. Management did little to help, neighbour simply moved out. After a major facade repair, our terrace balcony was flooded and unusable due to blocked drain. Numerous trips to the office, during several months, the problem remained unfixed until we moved out. Telling them that we go through Regie, resulted in manager replying "do whatever you want" in a rude tone that you would not expect. Building still asking for key deposit which in Quebec is illegal.

  • Great location. Managers are pretty helpful here. They do what u ask as much as they can. Their attitude maybe improved a lot over the years. I've never seen them" being rude " as showed in the previous comments . Last time I was unhappy with my frigo. It was just a small problem.nothing serious. What I expected was that they would just fix it. Surprisingly they bought me a new one. 600$. totally free. Thank you guys for being such generous. And I enjoy the spectacular view of my balcony. Overall its a pretty good appartment compared to other buildings in montreal. I've been living here for over 12 months. Usually I move every 5 months for various of unexpected reasons. However. there are two things that I hate about. One is the heater. Which makes noise during the winter. So i had to buy an electronic one. The other is that they ask u to renew the lease 6 months in advance.

  • As the former three-year tenant of apartment 209 (left to pursue post-grad studies elsewhere), I believe myself qualified to say that both the building quality and the staff are excellent. For building quality, I have witnessed firsthand the transformation of the building's interior, all because of Capreit's dedication to renovation. What used to be an old, banal building has been revamped: the inconvenient paid by coin laundry is now replaced by an advanced card system, hallways have been redesigned with bright signs and vibrant colours, Capreit's in-building service bureau now comes with chic glass windows and couches, the in-building internet cables have been double-checked, and even rusty apartments with peeled off walls and gloomily-coloured carpets have the option to be renovated with fresh walls, wooden-floors (etc.) upon lease-transfer (the rent rises reasonably in keeping with the market's). And the staff is so kind. From the senior in corset who alerts tenants for contractual deadlines to the bearded dude who is always ready to fix miscellaneous technical problems with his crew, everyone is cool. And Michael and Jeff in Capreit's bureau are (also) the best :) When problems come up in lease negotiation, the cost-benefit analyses they provide and the options they propose are always clear, honest and from our perspective, even at the trouble of calling their director for special rule changes. And they are just great to talk to to become ready for or just make the day. Their efforts truly impersonate the first words tenants read upon entering the elevator: welcome home :)

  • I loved the views from my apartment. The rooms are clean and staff is very professional and well mannered.