Templeton Properties – Halifax Apartments

 Templeton Properties – Halifax Apartments

 5599 Fenwick St #102, Halifax, NS B3H 4M2, Canada

 +1 902-443-7074


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  • Came in and took over our building with little notice. First action, raised parking costs by 40$, second action, raised rent by 250$, most of the units in the building have kitchen appliances from the 80s and they are advertising the units as "renovated". Was given two days to supply them with PAP information for rent payment when they took over. Was then charged late fee when they didn't use the PAP to take out rent and was rudely emailed to pay the rent immediately that day. From what I see online when searching for a new place is that all my neighbours are moving out due to the increased rent. Ridiculous and a good way to lose tenant respect.

  • EDIT: Finally moving out of this horrid place, would give no stars if was possible. The management and organization has gone downhill since Templeton took over our building in April. Hiked up prices to ridiculous amounts and poor poor management of banking information - lost our PAP information and an ETransfer for rent then tried to threaten an eviction on us for them not accepting the ETransfer. They say the apartments are “renovated” but I’ll let you all know a secret .... they are not. Stay away from Templeton Properties if you possibly can, they are not worth it at all

    The best and only positive aspect of this take over is the building managers Leo and Megan. They are amazing and work very hard to make our stay the best that they can. This review is regarding Templeton Properties offices and their management not the live in building managers.

  • Templeton properties did poor service on Fenwick tower. They made easier money from students. the elevators was slow and always broken. I lived there for 4 years and they never solve the problem.

  • Lived here since 2019.09.01, first photo was taken in September when we first moved in. Second and third was taken 2020.02.16. The building was under construction for a long while and since last November, there’s workers working outside our floor(28th), and 4 months they couldn’t fix the balcony. Our unit is a 1-bedroom apartment, but I would rather call it a 1-den apartment or a studio plus den, the bedroom area is super small, cannot fit anything after putting a bed. Construction everyday even on Sundays morning, when you wake up at 10, there’s workers outside your window. Washing machine and dryer are not included in our unit so we have to use the shared one on our floor. However, before Christmas 2019, the laundry room is under maintenance. They didn’t post any notice until mid January and the notice was WRONG. The price was almost $2000 per month, but they gave us $500 discount as long as we are on 1-year lease. After April 1st, the parking spot will not be assigned, they gave you access to underground parking and you can then park wherever you want. I really don’t understand and the building manager wouldn’t answer my questions about the parking. You still have to pay for the parking and fight for your spot with everyone in the building. Only 2 building managers that I met are nice and friendly, and we are moving out as soon as our lease ends. Won’t recommend to anyone and will never move back.