Tantus Towers

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  • I lived in this building for a year and a half. The builing and the apartments are good. Very quiet and the view I had was very beautiful. However, the building management is really poor.

    Last year, they were renovating several common areas and the garage, therefore, we had to park in the street for several months. It took me a while to realize that they continued to charge me for parking (I had rent and parking on authorized debit). I made them aware and they continued to do so for 6 months. It took me another 4 months to get a refund. After complaining inumerous times with the building manager, I had to complain with the manager above her!

    When I moved out, the building manager tried to charge me $180 dollars for cleaning. I left it cleaner than when I first moved in, so I did not agree with it in the inspection papers and decribed the situation in writing. (She did not apply for dispute) She was very rude and assertive trying to make me agree with the charge. That makes me worry about seniors or new immigrants that are not aware of their rights. For some residents, this is a considerable amount!

    Moreover, it took almost 2 months for them to send me a check returning my security deposits (apartment + pets) when, by law, they have to mail it to the tenant within 15 days. I had to call Capreit management in Toronto, who referred me to someone downtown Vancouver. It was only then, that they finally could "see in their files" that I had also made a $60 dollar deposit for the garage door opener.

    If you choose to live there, be aware of your rights.

  • at first i was told there was a pool , but under repairs .
    and one out of two broken elevators in intemittent service

    one year later my fridge stopped working , i had to litterally fight with them to get a new fridge.
    eventually they gave in and gave me a used one from another suite.

    two years later they fixed the elevators , but still no pool.

    the laundry machines are always dirty and smelly.

    on the night of Oct 6 2014 the parkade gate was stuck up full open,
    resulting to the breaking in of my vehicle , valubles , electronics , and my work tools were stolen
    along with my wallet. the police were notified . nothing has been done.
    I asked the office to let me review the survailance video , she said she wont let me see it.

    she replied if i gave her a small two hour window she would look , saying that my 10 hour window
    was un acceptable and she would not view it.

    my problem is i parked my car at 5pm and i leave at 6 am.

    I am tottally unsatisfied with the management here , on how they lie , and refuse to help thier tennants.

  • Don't rent capreit! Poor management, lots of promises and no actions. Do not trust what they say to you!