Surrey Gardens Apartments

 Surrey Gardens Apartments

 12747 102 Avenue Northwest, Surrey, BC V3V 3E6, Canada

 +1 604-589-7040

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  • I have been living here for 3 years, and we have had an issue with cockroaches here. Not much has been done to get rid of cockroaches. The cockroach bait that has been consistently added isn’t working and might actually be making my asthma flair up( doctor suggested). So after 3 years of this we are moving out. Also when I went door to door to talk to some other tenants I was told they had the same issue last year and one lady said she has mice living with her (although her suit isn’t kept clean so that’s obviously why) my fiancé and I keep our suit as clean as possible and we are having to clean the cupboards every other day as it is disgusting to think cockroaches are walking all over our plates and other stuff. Apart from cockroaches the landlord is well responsive with any other issue. We have had a broken oven and fridge and it was dealt with within a day or two. But we cannot share a space with cockroaches, if you don’t mind then this is a great place. If you enjoy having good health I would suggest not staying here. (We are in building A, I don’t know if the newer buildings have the same issue. This one was the first of the bunch)

  • This property is managed with a friendly crew of 6 staff and over half of them live onsite within each building which speaks a thousand words. These buildings may be an older style of building but let me tell you we have done massive renovations over the last 5 years inside, outside, and to the suites, we have preserved the heritage of the building while giving it a modern day uplift and it truly shows the owners value this property and aren't afraid to invest back into the property (one whole city block). We perform in depth background checks on all residents without any acceptations. We have a great gym facility & Rec rooms to offer the residents. We are part of the crime free housing program through the R.C.M.P which means we have taken extra steps around the property to reduce hiding places or dark spots along with having a security guard on 7 nights a week to repel crime. SET UP A VIEWING TO SEE IT AND I AM SURE YOUR WILL LOVE THE PLACE AND THE COMMUNITY THEY HAVE BUILT UP IN EACH BUILDING.

  • The management and property is amazing. The snow removal is fast and very well done by the staff. The area is very convenient. Doctors office and bus right next door. sky train station is about a 15 minute walk.

  • I enjoyed my 3 years stay. The staff were very helpful especially Ashley always a friendly laughter that brought a smile to my face.