Sun Creek Estates

 Sun Creek Estates

 7121 133B St, Surrey, BC V3W 8A3, Canada

 +1 604-596-0916

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Apartments Surrey – Surrey,BC

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  • Rent isn't too bad, maintenance is horrible. The area is pretty bad for property crimes and prostitution. Dirty Condoms around the parking areas quite common. Thefts from our cars and second floor balcony (by ladder). Very poor insulation for winter, our apt was horribly drafty. Hydro bill $200+/month when cold. No insulation between apartments, conversations can be heard clearly through walls. Many of the buildings have rodent infestation. Mice were frequently seen in our apartment, management simply doesn't care.

    Not family friendly, our kids and neighbours kids constantly told by "Jack" to not play outside. Not allowed to ride their bikes either.

    More than one occasion, Jack entered our apartment "by key" with barely a knock and enters, which was very upsetting considering wife was breastfeeding and bare-chested in the living room the one time. The other time, I was in my underwear sleeping off a night shift, he was already outside my bedroom as I was putting on pants and heading to answer door. No privacy even inside your home.

    I moved here because I thought it was a family friendly community. Have since moved.

  • Its My Home so can't really complain even if there are some concerns. Although shed some light on the increasing maintenance bills with Strata. Since last year paying almost double the strata fee as a renovations cost or budget deficit. am not sure how that would help the first time home buyers. Either you can pay all these costs or can think about saving same money at the end of the day. Both things are impossible to happen.

  • Building and apartments are in "crumbling" state. Lack of upkeep and maintenance. Nonexistent insulation in windows, walls and floors.

  • Lived here for 3 years, horrible mice problem that management won't deal with. Vehicle thefts are common place and often I hear people yelling and screaming at one another. Overall terrible building and community