Summerhill Place Apartments

Summerhill Place Apartments

1820 Summerhill Pl, Nanaimo, BC V9S 0C3, Canada

+1 250-753-2116

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  • This place was not a good experience. They state they are pet friendly but are not. I had applied with my dog and got accepted. 7 months later after living here I got told that my dog was "too big", even though every worker and everyone in the building adored my dog, he was friendly and no issues or barking at all. They said the dog had to be be out, but I didn't have to be, even though I had my letter of acceptance with my dog's breed and size on it, by the end of the month, which was only 10 days away. I was extremely worried that I was about to be homeless. I could have fought this as this was extremely wrong of them but I ended up finding nicer place a couple days later. However, this caused extreme stress, extra costs due to moving and they were just not nice people here. As well as this, you could hear the people upstairs stomping constantly, even past midnight. Also, when the power went out due to that wind storm, all the lights were out in the building, including in the stairwells. I had to help an older gentlemen down the stairs as he was stuck in the dark and I had to use my flashlight off my phone. Just a disaster, stay away from this place.

  • This building is pet tolerant, not pet friendly as advertised. Pet friendly is a statement that should have something to back it up. Other rental apartments that claim to be pet friendly offer dog runs, dog baths, and dog friendly areas for them to exercise. While these apartments and townhouses were being completed, there was a plan shown to us that included a park area and dog friendly areas. This was over a year ago, and it still haven't been created, other than many grassy areas with “Keep Dogs Off Grass” signs. There is a dog waste bag and disposal bin area, in the middle of the parking lot where you have to try to avoid traffic entering and exiting the parking lot.

    Each unit received a note on the door recently, which included the following statements:

    “if you are wondering if your pup has been on the naughty list, please contact the office and we would be happy to discuss it with you”
    “we just want to correct the issue before it gets too out of hand and we have to stop allowing dogs in the buildings. That is sadly the direction we are headed at this time.”

    That each dog owner was encouraged to buy a Sonic Egg bark deterrence device for in the apartment, costing approximately $50 for the device that isn't guaranteed to work long-term.

    The building manager is unprofessional. When confronted about the tone in communications, mentioning the tone of the notes make it sound as though they are speaking to children, the manger responded “That's because some of the tenants act like children.”

    We pay over $1300/month for a one bedroom and it feels more like a hotel than an apartment.

    There is frequent foot traffic on the path next to our building, as it is public access. Recently there was a man walking down the path screaming all sorts, smashing railings and the concrete path with his skateboard, knocking over the cigarette disposal unit. Dogs bark in response to that. No ongoing, unrelenting barking. Just in response to noise outside. I would rather have dogs bark and warn of danger occasionally, than force the dogs to be quiet and go against their instincts to protect.

    We have received poor customer service, since Real Star took over the rental management office. I have worked in a wide array of customer service environments, and if I ever spoke to a customer the way the manager spoke to me, I would be reprimanded or fired. Given her role and responsibilities, I would expect more professionalism and respect to others. When trying to talk to her about one issue – the inappropriate tone and message of the most recent note – the manager cuts me off and brings up other unrelated topics to distract and avoid.

    The other staff that do maintenance and cleaning around the buildings are friendly, approachable, and professional. However, the stress that the manager causes due to her unprofessional and reactive nature is not worth the cost I pay in rent.

    I would not recommend the Summerhill apartments; the cost of living here, and the lack of professionalism and respectful communication, don't make the cost of rent worth the stress.

  • The building is kept very clean and the staff/property managers are very friendly and helpful. Repairs/issues in your unit are addressed in a timely manner. You can hear through the walls very easily, but overall it is a quiet building.

  • The team here is so friendly and freaking amazing!! Whenever we’ve had an issue(and they are rare) it’s quick to be solved and rectified. BIG appreciation for the staff???? You guys rock!

  • Moved from Ontario (site unseen). Extremely professional, approachable and friendly Management and Staff, also they live onsite and are on call. Any maintenance issues were fixed promptly and without a hassle. The cleanliness of the facility and amenities was amazing, considering the size of the complex. We moved out (due to relocation) and the final inspection/walk through was carefree and again professional. I hope to find new tenant managers/staff who have similar work ethics in my new location. Thank you Realstar Management for an excellent place to live!