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 Stratford Home Furniture

 2954 ON-8, Stratford, ON N5A 6T3, Canada

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  • Amazing customer service. Sales associates were extremely friendly and helpful. Furnished entire apartment from this location. Everything exactly as I had hoped and expected. Delivery guys delivered into some tight spaces with no problem and zero complaints. Will definitely be back!

  • Amazing store and even better staff! We purchased all the furniture for our home from here and love it! Great style and great quality made in Canada furniture. Don't listen to the bad reviews!! Way better product and staff than the "other guys".

  • The selection is very good, as is the quality of what they sell. The service is outstanding. My mother-in-law bought a couch there and was very pleased with the service. We all recommend this store.

  • I placed an order for a sectional with Jerry at Stratford home furniture. I was told that my sectional would be in by August 31st because they was in stock at their warehouse in Elmira. I called today September 3rd because they were closed on Monday and they told me they don't know what's going on with my sectional that they would give me a call back in a few minutes to let me know what's happening a few minutes turned into a few hours later and they told me that my sectional is no longer in stock and I would have to wait six to eight weeks in order to get it in. I already sold my couches and I couldn't wait 6 to 8 weeks to get another set. I asked if there was anything they could do for me since I'm going to have to wait this long they said they would refund me $50. I thought that was a very sad joke.
    when I went in to get my refund I was asked if I would like to buy anything else I said no thanks that's fine I'm going to go look somewhere else and Jerry said to me well wherever else you go you're not going to find the same quality of furniture. In my head I was thinking I hope I at least find better organized staff and ones that don't down talk other competitions when they couldn't even keep a customer satisfied.

    I do not recommend buying from this place maybe other home furnitures are different but this one I wouldn't buy from again.