St. Lawrence Village

St. Lawrence Village

3 Leaside Dr, St. Catharines, ON L2M 4G1, Canada

+1 905-646-9400

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Bachelor Apartment St Catharines – St Catharines,ON

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  • I applied for a unit there almost two years ago and the apartment looked good but needed a good cleaning the last tenant had a cat and there was litter all over the closet floor and in the bedroom but I was rejected because of my black lab who's a medical dog and I found that to be discriminating especially since they already had dogs in the building If I had been up to date on the landlord tenants act I would have reported them for discrimination

  • It's a good place to live. My grandma lived there for about 40 Yeats. She never had a complaint

  • I have applied and rejected without any sort of explanation, with full-time permanent job and references and great credit!!! Returned to ask the reason very politely. But Louise is utterly unfriendly and ignorance, I met her 3 times and two times on the phone.
    Beautiful community but Louise herself is such an unfriendly person in charge of rentals. Or maybe the reason is not friendliness and It's racism? Who knows.
    Bad experience ?