Squire Court Apartments

Squire Court Apartments

80 Rockwood Ave, St. Catharines, ON L2P 3P2, Canada

+1 905-988-9588


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  • I lived here​ years ago. The rent was a little high with the price to park to. But overall it was a very clean and cozy apartment. Very nice neighborhood.

  • Lived here a year. That was way too long. Very rude staff, maitenence men who lie and are lazy. They never fixed one thing we needed fixing, and often told us the broken, inconveniences were normal for apartment living. They will not communicate with you and ignore you when you try, resorting to stuffing notes under your door while you’re home. Very unwelcoming environment at the office if you try to go speak one on one, there is always many people surrounding you and making you uncomfortable. If you ever can’t find a staff member, just look out your front window because they will be standing in a huddle smoking all day.

  • Don't rent here. Management staff don't do anything but stand around and take smoke breaks. Some of them walk around property but do not bother to pick up garbage or litter on the property. The common areas are not very clean. The staff is not helpful.

  • The apartments look nothing like their ads. Low income buildings and residents for sure. Their long application process is silly. Snow plows will only ever do the isles of the lot, so you'll always have to shovel your parking spot or pay one of the residents who offer that service for extra money.

  • Their prices are market fair.The staff was very friendly and warm.The apartments are modern and well kept.I don't need a place that has been updated to way over the top.
    These apartments are clean,safe and well maintained.And that's what you need.Make it your home.And you can be happy here.