Southport Apartments

 Southport Apartments

 1065 Barrington St, Halifax, NS B3H 4R4, Canada

 +1 833-859-0091

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Apartment Buildings Halifax – Halifax,NS

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  • Southport is home to beautiful apartments and a great location, but they are extremely overpriced even for the south end. Originally I was told that dogs over 25 pounds were allowed to live at Southport. I was contacted after I put in my application and was told that dogs over 25 pounds are no longer allowed - very disappointing.

  • I have decided to rent the house here but the building is rented to others during fill out the form. We have no place to live now.

  • Like the location, style of building and neighborhood is great. Management is helpful and prices are on par with other building around area, yet this one is way nicer. But does have a dog policy, under 25 pounds.