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  • Read your contract very carefully!. Although my bid on property was that it must be free and clear of all past assessments, and I was told that their were no assessments against the property. The sales contract was written as such than I am now responsible to finish paying a assessment against my property levied in 2009. Just because the owner chose an installment option, which added the the assessment to the winter tax bill. If it weren't for my getting slapped in the face with this unexpected financial burden, i would have given them 5 stars.

    However, since my agent and the sellers agent were both from smith and company, I can no longer recommend that you proceed with the purchase of a property in the that same situation. So if you find a property you really like and are in a similar situation, I suggest you site a conflict of interest and bring in a different realtor to represent you.

    I just don't feel my best interests and wishes were looked after anymore.

  • Called agent regarding 2 properties. Excuses or just no return calls. Either she doesn't need the sales or she thought we weren't worth her time.