SmartCentres Saint John

 SmartCentres Saint John

 450 Westmorland Rd, Saint John, NB E2J 4Z2, Canada

 +1 905-760-6200

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House For Sale In Saint John Nb – Saint John,NB

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  • This store has a nice large grocery section for food. Though the layout is not the best. It's always super busy whenever I seem to go there and sometimes that means the stocks for some of there items on the shelf are gone.

  • AVOID THIS STORE IF YOU CAN! Staff difficult to find. Knowledgeable staff almost nonexistent. Much more infuriating in that they try to make use a card at a self check out!!! No staff to assist you self check out. Causing you to unknowingly paying full price on sale items. I experienced that and had to spend 40 minutes waiting at customer service, only to be treated rudely by the one person that was supposed to be helpful!!!!!!!!! AVOID THIS STORE IF YOU CAN !!!!!!!!

  • Can't always find what you are looking for. Sometimes it's weeks or months before a product comes in.