Sherkston Shores Beach Resort & Campground

 Sherkston Shores Beach Resort & Campground

 490 Empire Rd, Sherkston, ON L0S 1R0, Canada

 +1 905-894-0972

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  • Lots of fun things for young kids to do: Mini golf, water park, water slides, tennis, skateboard park and beaches.
    If you're willing to pay $$ to rent a golf cart, book online before hand because they go fast. The resort lends out sporting equipment but you need ID to do so. It is a busy and big place but you can get around by bikes too. Boston pizza on the premises is a nice convenience as well as the grocery store but both places are pricey so keep that in mind.

  • Amazing getaway specially during summer time. Clean, nice cabins. Waterpark is good. There are several other activities available included in cabin price. Got a great deal for two weekend nights with friends families. Golf cart is around $80 extra. All of us had fun.

  • We visited with my family this summer for the first time. I was very impressed with the layout and everything to do. The waterpark was nice and all the beaches and the quarry were amazing. Everything you need is in the park including cafe and grocery store. Boston pizza is also in the park with delivery! We hope to visit next year!

  • such a beautiful place... i felt comfortable swimming in canadian waters lol. the only thing is that the food is a bit pricey and that the cabins are definitely small but you can move around with reasonable comfort. i would love to go back next summer.

  • We had a great time tent camping with family and friends. Unfortunately we were told that the camp grounds will be removing their tent camping sites for the 2020 season. Kids had an amazing time!