Shannon Gardens

Shannon Gardens

11831 80 Ave, Delta, BC V4C 7X6, Canada

+1 604-591-5666

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  • Want your laundry card filled? Or anything taken care of? Never expect the office to be open. Constantly closing an hour before just because....and with no notice. This is just a crappy place, they left my apartment with no bathroom wall for over a month! And no oven for two months!!

  • We just found out that they don't have any sort of proper plumbing..... literally just found out there was no seal on bathroom sink. I KID YOU NOT, 5 POUNDS OF BLACK MOLD!!! Never rent here oh my god.

  • Friendly Russian staff with service equal to Moscow in 1985. Pool hours are for their convenience, not yours: 10am-9pm and they took it out of service on Jul 1st 2017 for weeks without explanation. All you could do was go each sweltering day and pull on door.

  • Management is wonderful, always sees that any issues are taken care of promptly. It’s an old build so that’s what you’re gonna get really.
    I wish there were more laundry machines though. Rent is reasonable and if you pay it on time you don’t get bugged.