Severn Court Student Residence

Severn Court Student Residence

555 Wilfred Dr, Peterborough, ON K9K 1W1, Canada

+1 705-740-0909

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  • If all student housing could be like this, student housing wouldn't have such a bad rap. I lived at Severn Court for a couple of years and I can honestly say that there was nothing bad about my experience the whole time I was there. The staff rock and my apartment was super comfortable. Literally a stones throw away to school and a lot of amenities on site. It was a ton of fun and incredibly convenient and easy to live here.

  • This is the most affordable option I found but it was also the most convenient. Actually, this went above and beyond what I thought I could expect from a residence. Maybe it is because it isn't a residence on campus or maybe it is because they have super cool and professional people running the residence. Whatever it is, they are doing a great job at Severn Court Residence!

  • I have lived at Severn court for over a year now, and honestly i quite enjoyed my stay here.

    -I find the residence staff to be super helpful and friendly to me all the time,

    - The on campus maids do a fine job in ensuring that the places we live in are clean.

    -If you're like me and order packages online often, its hassle free to pick it up at the office.

    -I've had some appliances not working from time to time, like my oven, but one quick email to Severn court and they had a guy come in and fix it charge free.

    -The internet is not as bad as people say it is. I actually find it to be super fast and have never had a major problem with it

    -Some people may have a negative experience, but as long as you treat the place you live in with respect, you will get nothing less back.

    - Most importantly, i had fun. I've meet some wonderful people here that ill probably be friends with for the rest of my life, and nothing can beat that.

    P.S. i go to Trent university, and i find that the rent here is a lot cheaper then some of the houses around Trent.
    if you're going to Fleming its only a 10 min walk away from the main campus, if that, which is a pretty big convenience if you ask me.

  • I enjoy my time living here. It is just next to the college and buses are accessible for places to go from this location. It is a good residence to live and I would like to recommend it to my friends who would like to come here and stay in the future

  • I toured Severn Court and liked what I saw, but still visited some other student housing options in the area for the sake of comparison. When you break it down, the value is excellent at Severn and there is nothing that compares with this location. Seriously nothing better.