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  • This building is awesome. Boardwalk management left something to be desired. Now it's owned by Skyline and Angela is the best resident manager ever! Clean, safe, amazing location. Skyline has made major improvements to this building and has shown a consistent commitment to their residents. Customer service is way above par and your neighbors are quiet and friendly. Been here almost 4 years now and can't imagine wanting to leave. Highly recommended!!!!!

  • Generally I love living in this building as it is in a great location, it's a mostly senior clientele which means it's GENERALLY quiet (aside from a few tenants who seem to talk/yell full volume 24/7). My main complaint however is the fact that the water seems to be shut off at least once a month without any warning. I get that when plumbing work has to be done, the water has to be shut off. But if you know that the plumbers are coming, take the time to put a sign up so that the tenants have some idea of what is going on. There are very few things more annoying than waking up, needing to use the bathroom and take a shower only to find that there is no water and no idea of when it will be back on.

  • Agree with previous review regarding water. Most of the experience of living here is great. Angela is great, the maintenance team are responsive and overall the building is reasonably quiet, with a few exceptions. But the constant water shut-offs are getting ridiculous. Yes, stuff needs to get fixed, but I literally go to bed every night not knowing if I'm going to have running water the next day. Today is a prime example. Water's shut off with no advance warning, it's almost 6:00 PM, and the water is still off. There are no notices about shutoff today, but there are notices up that it's going to be off again tomorrow. This makes about the seventh or eighth time the water has been off all day since the new year, and we're not even out of March yet. That seems beyond excessive.

  • Most days I really like living here. But there is one awful thing about these apartments, and that's the windows. Instead of having sliding windows that you can open fully with nothing to block them, the windows crank open from the bottom like awnings, completely preventing air flow, because the angled window acts like a windshield. Even with a window open in every room, there is no air movement because it's all blocked by the stupid tilted windows. In winter, who cares, but in summer, these apartments are like death traps. Management might as well just vacuum seal all the windows shut, for all the good it does for us to open them. I don't know why anyone would think these type of windows are a good idea to put in apartments, but summer is making me feel like I want to be dead. Terrible, terrible design.

  • Angela is awesome. Great building. But why are the water shut offs so often??? Almost every week there are 2 shut offs...