Saint-Houblon Petite-Italie

 Saint-Houblon Petite-Italie

 6700 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2S 3C7, Canada

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Appartement Petite Italie – Petite Italie,QC

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  • I had the best service ever. I went there on a Wednesday night and the bartender Margo was able to guide us through their extensive selection of beer. I had the beef burger and my friend had the duck burger. Everything was great! I will definitely recommend this place and I will be coming back.

  • Came here after the glowing reviews to taste the craft beers. Now I have to comment that this is a pure review of simply the beers.

    The service was amazing, the ambiance was a great and honestly super cute place to hang out. The biggest sour note was simply the beer. So we tried 6 different beers and although I do love craft beer which is probably why I didn't enjoy the place as much, it was clear the beers were all quite watery.

    I had high hopes as the reviews was so positive and it really made me want to try it out. My friend loves sour beers, so clearly we had to try a good mix of the sours and I love strong IPAs. It seemed to be the perfect place that offered the mix of both of our beer favorites. Unfortunately, it wasn't satisfying and didn't meet our expectations.

    Would return for food but probably not the beer.

  • We had a really great brunch today! We were a party of 6, stayed for hours and there were obviously only one cook and one awesome waitress working and they did an amazing job.

  • This is one of the best bars in all of Montreal. Great food, great drinks and great service.
    I highly recommend!

  • Beers are excellent and decently priced for the area. Food choices are minimal and slightly pricey but the ingredients are top notch and tasty. In winter ask for a table away from the windows!