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  • Had a very bad experience buying a house here. Both Realtors on the deal were based at this office (Cory van Santen and Leo Ronse). Collusion. Not honest people. The broker, Peter Kiriakov, was not wanting to help. Do not recommend this office. The other reviews here for the most part are all staff not customers... phoney baloney

  • I am disgusted at the attitude and lack of respect for a client. I emailed Jamie Schreder at around 8am Saturday morning and he didn't respond. I emailed from a different email at 6pm and he still didn't respond. I then emailed him at 11am on Sunday morning and complained that his work ethic was sub par at best. Only because I made him accountable did he email me back telling me that I should use someone else and that I guess he doesn't work like a normal realtor. His exact words were "This listing is still available and you are welcome to submit a lease proposal through another broker. Perhaps you should ask your successful brother to assist in your search to avoid unprofessional brokers that do not work throughout the night." THROUGH THE NIGHT???!! 8am??? 6pm??? Like he's entitled and gets to pick his hours and deal with people when HE WANTS TO. Ummm... I'm afraid he's in the wrong business. No apology, no nothing. Zero accountability. My brother is an award winning realtor for Royal Lepage (who will remain unnamed) so this is beyond unacceptable. I also own 3 businesses for over 2 decades and in this day and age you RESPOND PROMPTLY with kindness to maintain a fantastic company reputation. I pride myself and my employees on handling our customers problems or questions with the utmost respect. Jamie has no clue what respect and integrity is. Royal Lepage should be ashamed to hire someone as lazy as Jamie.

  • Deceptive acts and practices. I was dealing with Karen Krinbill on a rental property and explained how I work in finance and do not agree or want my credit being pulled by multiple people. She told me I was willing to provide my own Equifax.

    She later went back on her word after I provided everything including pay stubs, ID, Equifax report and the application. Even offered to pay 3 months of rent up front.

    We wanted to move in on 15th. She changed her mind about our agreement on the 8th.

    You would think when dealing with a reputable name like Royal LePage you would have upfront and honest agents. I get it that policy is policy but wasting that much time and saying one thing then changing it to another is a waste of time. Not professional.

  • I visited this office many times just looking for information on buying a condo in Langley. Every time one of the realtors helped me with answers I needed without pressuring me into working with them. I will be ready to buy in a few months, and this will be the office I work with 100%. Jim

  • My husband and I recently purchased a home in Langley that was represented through Darren Leffers of Royal Lepage Wolstencroft. The home sold within three days for over a million dollars and for over asking. We are extremely disappointed in regards to Darren’s service, representation and overall representation on the sale of our new home.

    Throughout the sales process, our agent experienced challenges on multiple occasions trying to get a hold of Darren. His responses were always very delayed and often our agent had to follow-up multiple times to get a response from him. Sometimes we did not receive a response from him at all. This made the home-buying experience very frustrating and felt like he did not care.

    The evening before arrangements had been made for possession, our agent was notified by Darren that the keys to the home had been left in a flower pot on the property! Darren informed our agent he had never gone by the home after the sellers had vacated. When we arrived the next day, we had to pull the keys for our new million-dollar-plus home out of a dingy flower pot. Upon entering the home, we immediately noticed that the sales contract had not been upheld on the seller’s side. The home still had a shattered skylight that the owners had promised to have fixed, there was a missing garage door opener and the home had also not been professionally cleaned - all of these items had been included in the contract. They advertised that the home was in "tip top shape", however the home was full of cobwebs, had a pile of dead worms and bugs in the closet, the washing machine was molded, the shower and bathroom fixtures were covered in soap scum and hair, and the beams and window ledges throughout the home were were covered in dust (please see attached photos). Lest to say, Darren was unable to provide a receipt from a professional cleaner. When he was called on it, Darren offered us $200, however we contacted three professional cleaning companies and they quoted us a minimum of $500 for a move-out clean based on the home’s size (3,000 sq ft).

    Darren’s lackadaisical and unprofessional approach to the sale of our new home has left a bad impression for Darren himself as an agent, Royal Lepage and also to the industry overall. I’m embarrassed that this agent considers himself a sales professionals. I’m also very disappointed that Royal Lepage and the industry does not hold their agents to a higher standard of service and professionalism. Upon speaking with Peter from Royal Lepage Wolstencroft (Darren's managing broker) in regards to our concerns, they did not care either. They blamed the seller and said they had no control over their clients. They recommended we sue the seller...

    It is very disheartening to hear that neither agents or brokers care about being accountable and upholding standards within the industry. I'm appalled that this agent and brokerage will continue to work under these circumstances and that it is likely another home-buyer will experience this in the future.