RONA Medicine Hat

 RONA Medicine Hat

 1330 Trans Canada Way, Medicine Hat, AB T1B 3Z9, Canada

 +1 403-528-9800

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  • I was looking for a bathroom vanity light. Not flashy but stylish and functional. They had a few to choose from but found one. A small store but adequate. Nice and clean but not alot of staff.

  • Just got off the phone with Wayne at our Rona store in Medicine Hat, Beautiful Alberta. He was very kind and I said I hoped I could speak what I need to with awful migraine. Then suddenly I was young and my big bro was quietly explaining something , kind and clear! This is a million stars for you guys with this one being done with compassion. Wayne, never change, teach the youth you train, cashier's having a bad day to see they aren't there to fix her life but support her and acknowledge when she does her best. Build up to face attempts to tear her down. Yes, HR was my thing. Long time ago. I'm still studying and invite interest for your Team Rona. See you tomorrow afternoon.

    Thank you for caring.
    Sandie Davidson

  • I phoned in and spoke with a man named Lyle a sales representative here at Rona in medicine hat and I was just simply asking him if I could get a piece of wood cut to replace the slots on a queen size bed so basically a sheet of plywood or maybe two sheets and I was simply asking if they can cut a piece and Lyle responded to me with attitude and simply said I don’t know what you’re trying to say and I don’t know what you’re trying to do and then when I told Lyle I think I’m gonna call another store because I don’t appreciate the way you’re speaking to me he said OK whatever then and that was pretty much it and I informed the managers extremely disappointed and I wouldn’t even consider coming into your store after that

  • I've been going to Rona for a year now. Staff has stayed the same, great people, knows their stuff, always would come help or chat about my projects. Staff is always happy with positive attitudes.
    In the summertime someone stole my windshield wipers off my car. (Lol)
    In the morning I noticed they were gone and it was pouring rain. Went to Rona.. Rob helped find some new ones and put them on my car even though it was really cold outside and that wasn't his job. I really appreciated that Rona has an amazing team.