Roehampton Place Apartments – Q Residential

Roehampton Place Apartments – Q Residential

64 Roehampton Ave, St. Catharines, ON L2M 7P5, Canada

+1 289-362-2464

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  • Where do I start?
    1) Incompetent and awful management. I spoke with a woman named Judy re: renting an apartment at 221 Glenridge. Her tone could only be described as rude and off-putting, as if she was talking down to me. Apparently, Skyline was in the process of selling the building (221 Glenridge) and was well aware of this before I provided documentation to secure the apartment. However, they decided to go through with processing my application, knowing that the building was in the midst of being sold.
    2) Skyline does not understand the concept of communication. I was told that the application process would take a maximum of 48 hours. 8 days went by without a word from Skyline, along with many messages and voicemails left that were not returned. When calling customer service, I was fed the same lie time after time. When I finally did receive communication from Skyline, it was Judy again and she spoke to me in the same tone of voice as if it was reasonable for me to wait 8 days to hear back from them, despite providing ample evidence that I have a full-time job and good credit history.

    I would like to thank those who have read until this point, and I highly urge anyone who sees this to not do business with Skyline.

    - Jay

  • I was told that 64 Roehampton Ave. was a quiet building by one of the property managers. After moving in, my neighbour kept playing video games at full volume(he is a grown man). When I told the same property manager, she said she was aware and that there have been several complaints. They have lied on many occasions. Not worth the price of rent.