Rock Solid Property Management Inc.

Rock Solid Property Management Inc.

Box 40082, 2015 Long Lake Rd, Sudbury, ON P3E 0B2, Canada

+1 705-690-5156

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House Rent Sudbury – Sudbury,ON

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  • The best property management company in town. Very open and upfront with all our dealings. Never a surprise, always do what they say they will do. They take a lot of stress out of being a Landlord.

  • Would recommend to anyone in the market. Professional and prompt service. Wouldn't want to deal with anyone else.

  • As someone who has been a tenant for Rock Solid for the last three years and also had an opportunity to rent from multiple property management companies over the years - Rock Solid is by far the worst of the worst.
    We originally had mice in our apartments and Rock Solid came to put out traps and fill in a hole. We followed up shortly after as we were still finding new mice feces in our apartment. When we contacted Rock Solid to inform them they indicated that they would not come back unless we found the holes. In that conversation the part-time owner, Holly, tried to justify their response by saying "I fill holes in my house on my own" not realizing that as tenants we can't do our own repairs without landlord approval, but regardless, we should not be forced to do them ourselves. We finally contacted the health unit who informed us that it was a by-law for landlords and property management companies to provide a pest-free unit. Once we relayed this message they complied. In this situation Holly either did not know the by-laws of the city or was trying to cut costs hoping we were not aware of this information.
    Fast forward to today and we received a notice about a change to the way we pay rent. We decided to call with some questions and spoke to Holly again. In this conversation we wanted to express our concerns and clarify our options for paying rent with the new system and instead of providing us with information out of left field we were threatened to have the conversation ended for "being difficult". Holly continued on belittling my partner saying we were unhelpable, miserable, and unhappy in life when we were literally just asking questions. In an unrelated conversation about heat shortly before this, Holly mentioned the heat had been turned off for the summer and was being activated today (September 15) per the Residential Tenancy Act. In fact, the Act says the date is September 1, unless city bylaws state otherwise. The September 15 date Holly referenced is for Toronto. Sudbury's by-law actually states heat must be 21 degrees Celsius all year round. So they are either unaware of the actual laws and responsibilities on their part, or they are intentionally misleading and incorrect.
    For someone who is supposed to be representing the company and someone who directs this business this behaviour is completely UNACCEPTABLE. As someone who works with people in a professional setting, it is absolutely disgusting the way we have been treated by this individual who is suppose to be representing this company. As a part-time owner you would think that the service that Rock Solid provides would be a priority but that is not the case. You would also think that as a owner representing your company you would have high expectations on how you handle inquiries with your tenants but again this in not the case.
    To be fair, there are members of the Rock Solid team that do go above and beyond to help, and are friendly and cordial. But their hard work is unfortunately overshadowed by the unprofessionalism and lack of proper knowledge on the law and responsibilities shown by the part owner Holly. Because of this, I do not recommend this company and would advise anyone to rent elsewhere unless you are prepared to fact check everything you are told and get belittled by one of the owners.

    Edit: If you need proof of the unprofessionalism of this company just look at the reply. No ownership and all blame. They fail to acknowledge they rely on and provide false information on tenancy laws and use "tone" as an excuse to degrade/belittle tenants who are standing up for their legal rights. I would emplore people to look at their other replies to low reviews on Google and yellow pages. Always blaming and very unprofesstional. We are not non complying tenants, we keep a very clean unit, and we do not request unnecessary expenses. We report maintenance issues as required by law as a tenant responsibility. So they also are using lying and defamation to make us look like dirty, non complying tenants in order to avoid their own mistakes and issues.

  • Reading some of the negative reviews here is a very unsettling reflection of this companies true reputation. I have had the opportunity to see this for myself while providing a service to this company. They serve many different styled properties housing 100's of tenants. I have had the pleasure to interact with many of these tenants who have had nothing but positive points to speak on. A few disgruntled tenants do not speak for the 100's happily living. Many people do not fully understand the background logistics running a company of this dynamic and size. Dealing with Holly and her team from a business perspective it is clear that their number one objective is to provide the highest quality service or professionalism and work ethic to her landlords and tenants. I fully recommended and encourage anyone to do business with this company, landlord and tenants.

  • The staff member would ask for a time to view the apartment but then would go radio silent. He also cancelled 2 viewings. I gave up

    UPDATE: I was late sending a text message on October 18th (copper cliff) but arrived on time. I was then scheduled to view the college street location on October 23rd but was advised that it was cancelled because they could not move their dog. I was then told via text that he would reschedule and asked when would work. I texted a time. I never heard back until I texted in the day he suggested at 9:23 am asking if my proposed time would work. He responded at 9:33 am on October 25th that the proposed time would not work and that I would have to wait until the following Wednesday. He asked again for a time. I proposed one and he never responded. I gave up. I have the texts on my phone and will email the screenshots if you would like.
    PS. I tried to email but your site's contact form would not allow it. and there are no emails found.