Riverside Towers Apartments

 Riverside Towers Apartments

 1735 Frobisher Ln, Ottawa, ON K1G 3P7, Canada

 +1 613-688-2222


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  • STAY FAR AWAY. Moved in from there other apartment next door which was hell. No improvements here. Always bed bug problems... I had storage unit for additional cost and it flooded and all my belongings had to be thrown out. They did not composite for loss or make a claim on there insurance. They wanted me to make a claim on my insurance. Building is very old and pipes are rusty with low water pressure. The water is also ways cold. Will not be staying after my lease. Plan to leave as soon as possible. Bad customer service as well.


    - bugs
    - terrible service
    - constant intrusions
    - way overpriced
    - nothing you ask for ever gets done
    - they lie all the time
    - nothing works and everything is falling apart

    I’ve rented from Osgoode twice in the last two years. The first time was bad but for some reason I came back and rented a second time in a different building. The two buildings I’ve been in have had bugs. The first one they NEVER dealt with, and asked us to bring LIVE BUGS into the office to prove we had bugs. The second one they dealt with about 4 months later.

    The service is terrible. They treat you like you are an annoyance and constantly lie to you. They will come into your apartment at LEAST once a week. With very little notice, sometimes not ever 24 hours. Don’t expect any service quickly, or at all. They still owe me money or the tax reduction in January that they have yet to implement, it is almost May. (Probably close to 150$) Any time I ask about it they blow me off or get angry with me.

    Almost everyone I talk to finds the same issues, and it was the same at the other building I rented in. The only redeeming qualities I can think or are location (which is definitely not worth it) and the super intendants who work like crazy and I’m sure are way understaffed and way underplayed.

  • the place is INFESTED with cockroaches. we had to terminate the lease literally two days after moving in cause it was so bad. like this was our sink the second day we had the place. they were there the first day we moved in and email them and they still had us living with them. the manager of riverside towers was awful to work with and is full of bs. they’re not compliant AT ALL. they refused to let us rent another room while they were trying to treat the room and insisted on still living with the roaches. we even called before we moved and asked if everything was alright for us to move in and they said it was and when we got there the apartment was not ready at all. super dirty and nothing was done. the place is actually disgusting and inhibitable and the manager refuses to believe that. save yourself the trouble. the place is disgusting.

  • NEVER RENT FROM OSGOODE!! This building is the absolute worst. Management (especially Gabriella) does not care about tenants, all they want is money. She is very rude and brushes off any concerns you may have. After my lease was up they tried to extend my lease another year without my permission. It was a hassle to be able to move out because they tried to forge documents saying I had signed with them another year even though I only signed for 1 year. Constant construction and when asked when it will be done, the agents lie and always say within the month. Had lived there for almost two years and the drilling, dust and vibration throughout the building disturbed any attempt at a peaceful day. People smoke in their apartments which makes the hallways smell disgusting and you can even smell the smoke from your own clean apartment. My bathroom flooded and it took them over an hour to come stop the leak. There are a few good maintenance workers, BUT the agents never put in your work request form making repairs take days. I went almost a week without a working shower. Highly over priced for what you get. The underground parking looks like it could collapse at any moment. Storage lockers in basement flood whenever there is rain. AVIOD THIS BUILDING AND COMPANY!! This place does not even deserve a 1 star, I will never rent from osgoode again.

  • Unorganized- unorganized- unorganized (no wonder you guys at 2.5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️) I had appointment at 10:00 am to view apartment with Jason once I got there at 10:00 am not only Jason wasn’t there also another gentleman in rental office told me to come back another time... I wouldn’t spend my money here .NO thank you !!