Restaurant Corneli

 Restaurant Corneli

 6741 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2S 3C7, Canada

 +1 514-325-1300

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Appartement Petite Italie – Petite Italie,QC

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  • At the end of our visit to Montreal for the 2017 Canadian Gymnastics Championships, we were looking for a place to eat lunch on a Sunday afternoon. The only place that seemed to be open was Corneli in Little Italy. The restaurant decor is very nouveau and the menu is a full Italian menu. The meal was very well prepared and filling. Our server was very attentive and amusing even though the restaurant was busy. We did not feel ignored. It was a pleasure to have lunch at Corneli. I would return there if I were ever in the area again.

  • This place is located in little Italy. It could only mean that they serve authentic Italian cuisine right? Wrong. The ingredients used in their pizza and pasta not fresh at all. The pasta and the pizza dough has no taste at all. Service extremely slow and the temperature in this place was boiling hot. We had to go out a couple of times to take some fresh cold air. There are so many other Italian places that are much better than this. Do not fall on the trap of Italian cuisine in the middle of little Italy.

  • There are a lot better and cheaper italian restaurants. The bread they serve before your meal was very stale. Fried calamari was cooked well, though breading was not sticking to calamari, was very pale and lacked flavor. Pasta did not taste homemade and sauce was bland. Tiramisu tasted as if it was frozen then thawed... there was a lot of liquid.

  • Great high quality fresh food. Their seafood pasta is to die for. I also tried their grilled salmon, which was superb. The waiting staff are very friendly, but can be a bit slow, but it doesn't bother if you are not in a rush. The quality of the food is worth the little wait.

  • My friend and I do a weekly pizza tasting run...well lately, it has been disappointment after disappointment. We just wanted a good pizza!!! So both of us happened to mention Corneli's but it had been many years since we've tried it. So finally we said screw it! Let's go try it again. And sure enough, it was delicious!! Some respite to the recent string of disappointing pizzas we've had. The dough was very flavorful and sauce was on point!! Just the right amount and lots of flavor. And the topping were fresh and plentiful. This made my night :)